Am I the only one that finds the list of oil spills on wikipedia peculiar?  According to wiki there have been 52 oil spills in the U.S..  That is about one spill every 200,000 km^2.  In the middle East/North Africa there have only been 15 spills - per the wiki site - that is approximately 1 oil spill every 600,000 km^2.  This brings a number of concerns to mind.  What are they doing in the middle east that makes their system so much more reliable?  Which then begs the question, why their systems would be more reliable, the same corporations are working over there.  I believe a more pragmatic approach would be why are the spills not being reported? 

I found a few that were reported by Al Jazerra and not Wiki.  Here is an example. And another - also over 50 yrs. foreign companies have spilled up to 1.5 million tonnes in Nigeria (why is that not reported?).  One from Hungary while not the middle east, it is rather large and sad, should have made the news.  I would presume there are more, which would bring that 600,000 km^2/{oil spill} figure closer to 200,000.  Wait, a second, am I insinuating that the oil spills in the U.S. are reported more fully, because of regulation?  Yes, the free market does not work unless everyone is an activist.

Boycott corporations.  Buy local.

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